Friday, June 20, 2008

Moog Guitar: the next great thing?

The Moog guitar will be unveiled today, and we here at the indie ghetto want your opinions. Is this the next great instrument? Will this guitar revolutionize music like the moog synthesizer? Or is this just the next big hype machine from the music industry? Please comment below.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Show Tomorrow

Please note that there will be no radio show this week. I currently find myself at a stock trading seminar in Houston, TX, where they dance just as good as they walk.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Tonight, Bitches!

Another Indie Ghetto 8 off 8th goes down tonight at Mercy Lounge. The jams shall be kicked out at 9:00...

Here's the batting order:
Chris Freeman & The Unicorn Horns
Kevin Ferriman
This Modern Station
The Nobility
Nite Nite
The Glib

See y'all there.

Radio Show Playlist - 06.12.08

My thanks the guys from Parachute Musical for hanging out on Thursday afternoon. Go see them this Thursday at Mercy Lounge and pick up their debut LP, Everything is Working Out Fine in Some Town.

Also, a big thanks to Matt the Trainee for manning the bulk of the knobs and faders for the show. You get a C+, old boy.

Stream via Real Audio

Heypenny - Dooley (
Use These Spoons)
De Novo Dahl - Wishful Thinking (
Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound)
Majestico - Good Machine (
Boundary Conditions)
Wax Fang - World War II Part 2 (
La La Land)
Parachute Musical - Back the Same (
Everything is Working Out Fine in Some Town)
Roman Candle - You Don't Belong to this World (
The Wee Hours Review)
Nite Nite - Amongst the Tenants (
Nite Nite EP)
The Features - The Gates of Hell (
Some Kind of Salvation)
Parachute Musical - Everything Is Working Out Fine in Some Town (
Parachute Musical - Dear Jacksonville (
Parachute Musical - One More Song (
Parachute Musical - Stranger Things (
De Novo Dahl - Mishka (
De Novo Dahl EP)
Apollo Up! - Shut It Down, Turn It Off (
Walking Papers)
Eureka Gold - Peter Oh (
Eureka Gold)
Pico vs. Island Trees - Malibu

The Privates - Heart's Got a Hole (
Ricky Young - Poor You (
Learn to Steal)
Howlies - Poison Ivy (unreleased Lake Fever sessions)

Glossary - Nothing Can Hurt You Now (
The Better Angels of Our Nature)
The Glib - Southern Sense of Urgency (
Why Not Just Love Me Dr. Hoopty)
Chris Freeman & the Unicorn Horns- Don't Cry For Me, Hiroshima (The
Robins Eat Like Me Now)
Tristen - Eager For Your Love (
Teardrops & Lollipops)
Nite Nite - Hello, I'm Melancholic (
Nite Nite EP)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Parachute Musical on Today's Indie Ghetto

Hey gang,
Be sure to tune into today's radio show. I'll be welcoming Josh & Tom from Parachute Musical into the Ghetto for some Q&A and all-around slumming on the stoop. We'll be previewing tracks from their forthcoming album, Everything is Working Out Fine in Some Town. We'll also be giving away free passes to their big album release show next Thursday, June 16th at Mercy Lounge with Heypenny & Modern Skirts.

So go on ahead and tune in, fools. Catch it this afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00 - 91 on the 1 in radioland or at in your cubicle at your crap day job.


ps Here's an entertaining - if not slightly homoerotic - video via the Vimby website, courtesy of those major dudes at Tugboat Productions.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Ghettofabulous 8 Off 8th

Hey folks. I'm hosting 8 Off 8th at Mercy Lounge this upcoming Monday, June 16th. It's gonna start at 9pm, so come out early.

Here's the batting order:
Chris Freeman & The Unicorn Horns
Kevin Ferriman
This Modern Station
The Nobility
Nite Nite
The Glib

Tune into the radio show on Thursday afternoon from 1:00 - 3:00 as I'll be spinning cuts from all the featured artists. 91.1 on the FM dial or streaming in Real Audio at

...and yes, that's yer boy on the flier. Let's just sat that puberty was very, very good to me.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Radio Show Playlist - 05.29.08

Here's the playlist for this past week's show... enjoy!

Stream via Real Audio

Eureka Gold - Just North (Eureka Gold)
Wax Fang - Oh, Recklessness (
La La Land)
Tristen - Heart and Hope To Die (Teardrops & Lollipops)
Meemaw - Smoking In the Sun (Glass Elevator)
Nite Nite - Body of Water (Nite Nite EP)
Roman Candle - Something Left To Say (The Wee Hours Review)
We Were the States - Girl, You're Not a Thief (Believe the Thieves)
The Privates - On Your Mark (Barricades)
The Features - God Save Rock & Roll (unreleased)
The Eskimos - The Pills (Something Must Be Transmitted Somehow)
The Clutters - Rockaway (Don't Believe a Word)
The Explorer's Club - Forever (Freedom Wind)
Silver Jews - Party Barge (Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea)
Ricky Young - Suitcase Afternoon (Learn to Steal)
Coral Castles - Phatic, Static, Magic! (the Corpse and the Cake)
Ghostfinger - Let It Ride Real (unreleased)
Glossary - Chase Me Out Of the Dark (The Better Angels of our Nature)
Caitlin Rose - Gorilla Man (Dead Flowers EP)
The Glib - Southern Sense Of Urgency (Why Not Just Love Me Dr. Hoopty)
Tigers Con Queso - Better (Unleash the Fury)
Nite Nite - Hello, I'm Melancholic (Nite Nite EP)
Apollo Up! - The Heartbreak of Victory (Walking Papers EP)
The Dexateens - Naked Ground (Hardwire Healing)
Meemaw - Blue in the Blacklight (Glass Elevator)
The Features - All I Ask (Some Kind of Salvation)
Self - What A Fool Believes (Gizmodgery)
John Davis - Chant Down Babylon (Arigato!)
Pico vs. Island Trees - Love Again (Love Again single)
Stories That Live - Lucky at Cards (unreleased)
Umbrella Tree - Schizophrenia (The Church & The Hospital)
The Comfies - Medicine (Close To Me EP)
Eureka Gold - Belly Full of Wine (Eureka Gold)
Meemaw - Walk on Water (Glass Elevator)