Thursday, July 24, 2008

Michael Harrell & New Jams Today!

This afternoon on the radio show, Matt and I will be welcoming Michael Harrell into the studio for some tunes, pleasant conversation, and a maybe plate of cucumber sandwiches.

Taking cues from some of the shining stars in the power-pop cannon (think Teenage Fanclub, Kinks, Elliott Smith, et al.), his sound is classic yet never hackneyed. Though still quite young at 22, Michael is wise enough to surround himself with seasoned vets to help him coax the sounds in his head onto record. His debut LP, which is currently being mixed by Jason Bullock at Lake Fever (plug!), features a backing band made up of members of Superdrag, Reliant K, and The Lonely Hearts. Not too shabby, eh? And from what I've heard of it, this one is a louder and more aggressive upgrade from first excellent first EP, Greetings from the Village, which came out in '07.

Michael will be playing over at Cafe Coco next Monday, July 28th at 7pm. He'll be backed by Josiah Holland of The Lonely Hearts on bass and - get this - Superdrag frontman John Davis on the drums. I'll be there, chowing down on a Monte Cristo and knocking back some crushers. Hope you'll join me.

In addition, we're stoked to be debuting some unreleased goodness into your earholes. I've got my hands on the long-awaited sophomore LP from Ghostfinger, which will be available in September. In addition, you'll also be privy to the debut EP from Vovo, which is the brainchild of Features keyboardman, Mark Bond. This five-song gem features his band mate Rollum Haas on drums and bass, along with vocal work from Jonathon Rogers (Hotpipes) & Sam Ashworth (My Tyger) and some tasty pedal steel bits from Luke Schneider (Cortney Tidwell, Stone Jack Jones, ex-Character). Can't wait to spin both of these records for all y'all.

So go ahead and tune your radios to 91.1 WRVU from 1:00 to 3:00 this afternoon and get with it. Alternately you can stream the whole affair live via Real Audio at And if you miss it, you can still stream it all week via the link to your right.

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