Monday, September 15, 2008

Thanks for Saturday!

IMG_1406 by kimdilla.
Jon Burr of HIBtB, seemingly being shivved in his kidneys. (Thanks, Kim!)

To all of you that came out to the Lake Fever/Nashville Scene NBN showcase, let me say thanks. It was a resounding success and Bullock, Baldwin and I hope it was one of the highlights of your NBN experience. Also, a huge thanks to Shuan, Jason, Chris & everyone at Exit-In, Steve Haruch & the Nashville Scene crew, JM Wilkins & all his NBN underlings, Uncle Tommy, and of course, all the bands who played on the bill. Here's to next year!


J Anne Photography said...

the cream/lake fever show was def. my favorite that I caught all weekend. how can you beat HIBTB & Ghostfinger & Howlies?

I don't think it's possible.

Uncle Tommy said...

Great job Joe and the guy's at Lakefever!!!! Onward and upword!!!!! Manythanks Uncle Tommy

theblondemule said...

You're welcome for the pic. Great show! Even better banner.