Friday, September 19, 2008

Great Show Tonight

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For the next five weeks, my dear friend Jim O'Shea (he of Happy Valley notoriety) will be putting on some killer outdoor shows at Agave Tequila Lounge. Festivala will take place every Friday night thru the end of October in the parking lot of Agave (12th & McGavock). Upcoming artists scheduled to appear include De Novo Dahl, The Dexateens, imagine asians, This Modern Station, Mean Tambourines, Coral Castles, My Tyger, and Noot d'Noot. This week features melodic maestro Kyle Andrews and goth-poppers Nite Nite.

It's gonna be a nice night to be outside, so here's to you making it out. I'm afraid I won't be in attendance, so do a shot of Patron for yer boy.

No Radio Show this Morning

Sorry gang, but you'll have to wait until next Friday morning to get your fix of local and regional jams. I promise I'll make it up to you.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Superdrag Jam Now Available
As I told you all several weeks back, Superdrag's brand new jam "Filthy and Afraid" will be available on the Monolith Festival compilation. Well, looks like the guys went ahead and threw it up for free download as well. You can get it from via the dodgy Nimbit widget (use the arrows to navigate to the 5th page in said widget, and click the "free" button, then hand over your info). Someone's also posted it elsewhere on the web.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hair of the Dog


Tonight at at Mercy Lounge, Indie Ghetto is proud to be co-hosting Next Big Hangover with Janet Timmons of Out the Other and Michael Eades of We Own This Town & Yewknee notoriety. It'll get kicked off at 9pm sharp and is free. So if the weekend wasn't enough to get your local rock OD, go ahead and plan on coming out.

Thanks for Saturday!

IMG_1406 by kimdilla.
Jon Burr of HIBtB, seemingly being shivved in his kidneys. (Thanks, Kim!)

To all of you that came out to the Lake Fever/Nashville Scene NBN showcase, let me say thanks. It was a resounding success and Bullock, Baldwin and I hope it was one of the highlights of your NBN experience. Also, a huge thanks to Shuan, Jason, Chris & everyone at Exit-In, Steve Haruch & the Nashville Scene crew, JM Wilkins & all his NBN underlings, Uncle Tommy, and of course, all the bands who played on the bill. Here's to next year!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Times Ghetto (sans serif)

After a few weeks of hiatus, Indie Ghetto is back on the airwaves! This time, though, you can get your fix on Friday mornings from 10-11am. Be sure to tune in today as I'll be welcoming the talented and always polite Lindsay Jamieson (pictured above, quite inexplicably, before a firing squad).

Now you know Linds from is years spent drumming full-time with Ben Folds. However after passing his duties onto good ol' Sam Smith a couple years back, he's focused his creativity into Repent Or Forever Be Damned. Tonight at 8:00, ROFBD will be kicking off the NBN showcase at The Rutledge. However, this morning, he's invited co-conspirators Gary Burnette (guitar) and Matt Slocum (cello) to come down to WRVU and give us a stripped-down sneak peak of what can be expected from them tonight.

Do it at 91.1 FM or streaming live at via Real Audio.