Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Superdrag Jam Available Soon!

So I got a random, but very welcomed telephone call from Senator Tom Pappas of Superdrag a couple days ago. His purpose was to inform me that brand new Superdrag track, "Filthy & Afraid" will be available on the Monolith Festival compilation CD.

And not to toot my own horn, but he attributed it to the fact that I had posted a random clip on YouTube of the band and myself in the studio listening to the 4-track demo version of the tune before we tracked it this past Winter at Lake Fever. Crazier things have happened I suppose. Anyway, here's that video...

And while you're out there pointin' and clickin' around the Net, check out Senor Pappas' new band, The Whip. Good stuff. Hopefully, he'll get me a copy and I'll get to spinning it on the radio show.


ps Oh yeah, a little birdy with a big Greek afro and crazy eyes also told me there should be a Nashville Superdrag show in the very near future. Keep those eyes peeled for more info!

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