Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Dexateens Tonight at The Basement

The Dexateens

Spending my formative years in Tuscaloosa, AL, I was privileged to that glorious function known as college radio. University of Alabama's WVUA 90.7 may have been a small station, but it affected me in oh so many ways. I've not been the same since.

One of the voices I heard each week was that of Elliott McPherson. For a time he hosted the local music show which turned me onto a number of Tuscaloosa bands of that era - The Nooners, The Penatrators, Kilgour Trout, Three Hour Tour, Mindseye, DC Moon, Planet Terry, The Copacetics, et al - and instilled in me a life-long love of the music coming from the streets of whatever locale I happen to reside. If not for Elliott, I'd not be doing what I currently do.

Well, things have come full circle and I'm stoked that Elliott's band, The Dexateens, will be in town tonight at The Basement. If you're a fan of Glossary, Hands Down Eugene, or Roman Candle I encourage you to swing by. You can also cruise over to their website and download their new record, Lost and Found for free.


Casey said...

The Dexateens are playing at that Stokin' the Fire thing I told you about taking place at Sloss here in B'ham. Along with Manchester Orchestra (who I'm most excited about) and the Whigs. You know you wanna come.

ULIKA BBQ said...
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