Friday, August 8, 2008

Radio Show Playlist - 08.07.08

Well, there's no Ghetto on your radio next week... yer boys is gonna be down in the Dirty Dirty, the ATL, gettin' crunk at a stock options trading seminar. So if you start jonesin' for some hot local action, you can always stream this week's show again and again.

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The Selmanaires - Just to Get Yr Love (The Air Salesman)
Hotpipes - You Burn Or You Don't (Future Bolt)
Orange in Circles - My Shaker Mover (unreleased)
Imagine Asians - Jacquie Says (Imagine Asians EP)
John Davis - I Need Someone (Arigato!)
The Clutters - Rockaway (Don't Believe a Word)
The Dexateens - Lost and Found (Lost and Found)
Roman Candle - Something Left to Say (The Wee Hours Review)
Glossary - Chase Me Out of The Dark (The Better Angels of Our Nature)
The Features - Wooden Heart (Some Kind of Salvation)
Kings Of Leon - Crawl (Only By The Night)
This Modern Station - Evangelina (unreleased debut LP)
Pico vs Island Trees - Malibu (unreleased)
Stories That Live - I'm Gonna Kill Your Boyfriend (unreleased)
Kindercastle - Violet (unreleased debut LP)
The Northridge Rangers - Mustang Twist (Electric Shoes)
Tommy & The Whale - Brothers (Shot for the Moon)
Ghostfinger - Ann Marie (The Feeler)
Vovo - Well Known Theme (Vovo EP)
Cheap Time - Ginger Snap (Cheap Time)
Caitlin Rose - Gorilla Man (Dead Flowers EP)
Apollo Up! - The Heartbreak of Victory (Walking Papers EP)
Turbo Fruits - Tennessee, Baby (Turbo Fruits)
The Lonely Hearts - Nightingale (Born In The Dark)
The Protomen - Unrest in the House of Light (The Protomen)
Self - What A Fool Believes (Gizmodgery)
The Glib - We Will (Heaven & Hell Yes)
Coral Castles - Your Camera (the Corpse and the Cake)
Ricky Young - Suitcase Afternoon (Learn to Steal)
Josh Rouse - Dressed Up Like Nebraska (Dressed Up Like Nebraska)

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