Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've got your long weekend planned (pt. 2)

So go ahead and sleep in on Friday, my Ghetto peeps. You'll probably need it after Thursday night (did I mention that they'll be $1 PBR's at the Bomb/My Tyger show? Well there will be, so drink up, kiddies). It's OK, we'll forge you a doctor's note for work.

ANYWAY... the good times keep coming on Friday night as I'll be hosting a night of stellar locally grown rock goodness at Mercy Lounge. This will be Mercy's official grand re-opening party after the remodeling job they've been working on the past several weeks. It looks great, by the way. After being there tonight to see country music legend Charlie Louvin, I can truly say that Mercy Lounge is hands down the best larger venue in the city. Come see for yourself.

The Tits will get things started at 9pm, so plan on getting there early for some deafening punky cock rock. After that will be indie-folk troubadour Wes Sp8, followed by Nite Nite and their Nancy-Sinatra-on-downers brand of goth-pop. Batting fourth will be The Glib who brought a Stooge-y mayhem to the last 8 Off 8th I hosted, violently tossing their instruments around as if there were a stack of back-ups backstage (there weren't). Rounding out the evening will be the Shoot the Mountain, who remind me of a southern-bred Replacements and finally Eastern Block, who sound a lot less Communist than their name implies.

Tune into the show this afternoon - 1:00 - 3:00, 91.1 WRVU - to hear all these bands along with the best in local and regional rock. Hit Matt & me up with your requests at 615.421.7625 or 615.322.7625.

Oh and don't sweat swinging by the ATM before coming to Mercy, 'cause there's no cover charge! Do I take care of my crew or what? Who's yer boy?

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