Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today's Radio Show

Fresh Jams today from 1:00 - 3:00. I've got new stuff from Apollo Up!, MEEMAW, Nite Nite, Tristen, Pico vs. Island Trees (or as Doyle called them in the Grimey's News letter, Disco Island Trees - which is probably a much better name), Ham1 (from Athens), The Barbaras (from Memphis), and oh so much more.

Tune at 91.1 or streaming online at!

HIBtB... HUGE in Japan?

Apparently so. And in the most literal fashion, it would seem.

uh, ah, um... Oh. OH MY!

(OK, OK, OK - deep breath, Colvert)

Oh dear....

OK - here we go!


Hello, Japanese Brothers and Sisters. Please welcome How I Became the Bomb!


So I'm absolutley freaked out. And in the most wonderful, yet absolutley terrifying, wrong, wrong, wrong, totally baffling, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong (BUT OH SO RIGHT) way. Words would only get in the way at this point.

Just go see for yourself, as we (and by WE, I mean the United States of America and/or the United Soviet Socialist Republic of Jon Burr) drop another Bomb on the Japanese.

May God save us all... especially Mr. Burr & Co.

ps Big ups to Brockford for the heads up.

pps Anybody out there know how to translate Japanese?

ppps Don't believe me? How 'bout a video? Four words: Pig Heads & Bananna Penis. Hey Jack Black... bring on your lawyers!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Radio Show Playlist - 05.22.08

We kept the Ghetto chatter to a minimum this week and went straight for your eardrums. At 33 songs, I believe we exceeded our mark, setting a new Ghetto record. Damn, we good!

Stream via Real Audio

Hotpipes - Born in a Bomb (Future Bolt)
De Novo Dahl - Be Your Man (Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound)
Glossary - Blood on the Knobs (The Better Angels of our Nature)
Ghostfinger - Let It Ride Real (unreleased)
Meemaw - Walk on Water (Glass Elevator)
Orange in Circles - My Shaker Mover (unreleased)
Moonlight Bride - Walls (unreleased)
The Black Lips - I Saw a Ghost (Lean) (Good Bad Not Evil)
John Davis - Watch Me Walk Away Again (Arigato!)
The Features - GMF (Some Kind of Salvation)
Silver Jews - Aloysius, Bluegrass Drummer (Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea)
Magic Wands - Kaleidescope Hearts (Magic Love and Dreams)
Mean Tambourines - Liars Go to Hell (unreleased)
Michael Harrell - Pretty When you Cry (Greeting from the Village)
Ricky Young - Fade To Gold (Learn to Steal)
The Glib - Southern Sence of Urgency (Why Not Just Love Me Dr. Hoopty)
Wax Fang - World War II Part 2 (La La Land)
Stories That Live - I'm Gonna Kill Your Boyfriend (unreleased)
The Selmanaires - Images (Here Come The Selmanaires)
Superdrag - Bastards of Young (Greetings from Tennessee)
The Explorer's Club - Don't Forget The Sun (Freedom Wind)
The Clutters - Radio (Don't Believe A Word)
The Raconteurs - Attention (Consolers of the Lonely)
King of Leon - Razz (Aha Shake Heartbreak)
Gringo Star - Arms Stretched Out (Arms Stretched Out 7 inch)**
Jason Dean and the Options - Cheap Rhapsody (Cheap Rhapsody 7 inch)**
Herb Harris - Tennessee Farm (Tennessee Farm 7 inch)**
Noot D' Noot - Rah So (Jiggle City 7 inch)**
Eureka Gold - Lovely Lovely (Eureka Gold)
Tommy & The Whale - World Gone Mad (Shot the Moon)
How I Became the Bomb - Minute Romance (Let's Go!)
The Mattoid - I'm Gonna (Glory Holy)
Lifeboy - Rich Girls (Garage Rock Operas)

**courtesy of the ballers and hustlas at Solutionist Records (Jiggle City, USA) - more on these folks soon!

Friday, May 16, 2008

I Got Your Saturday Night Covered

Hello My Darlings. I've got a stellar show lined up for you all on Saturday night at the 5 Spot. Here's what's up...

Saturday, May 17th around 10pm, our dear friend Matthew Pelham of The Features will be performing a solo acoustic set at the 5 Spot in East Nashville. He'll be playing songs from his band's long-awaited new LP Some Kind of Salvation - which if you've been fortunate enough to hear, know how stellar it is - along with some of your old favorites. In addition, he's been threatening to bring his banjo and drop some Uncle Dave Macon tunes on us, but that remains to be seen.

Next, will be the the talented Miss Tristen, a promising young folky with a knack for penning frail melodies that gently float into your mindgrapes and promise to stay there for a good long while.

Chattanooga's Coral Castles will be next. These guys are the big draw in their hometown and will be in town to promote their new EP, the Corpse and the Cake (pick it up at Grimey's if you don't at the show). I'm personally a big fan of their Costello-via-Shins sound... I think you wil be too. All in good time, I suppose.

The official Ricky Young after party is also at 5 Spot, so after Coral Castles you can rock out to the twangy-soul of Red White Blue while you buy rounds of shots for Ricky and his crew.

Also, I'm giving away a couple of passes to the night's festivities. Shoot an email to and we'll get you in.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Radio Show Playlist - 05.15.08

Today's show was a good one. My gracious thanks to Ricky Young for hanging out. His new record is excellent, go pick that bad boy up.

Unfortunately the Vandy IT crew haven't made the new changes to the stream archive to reflect the new schedule, but you can catch the second hour of today's show below.

Stream via Real Audio

Silver Jews - San Francisco B.C. (Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea)
Magic Wands - Black Magic (Black Magic 7")
Coral Castles - Phatic, Static, Magic! (the Corpse and the Cake)
Autovaughn - The Cycles (The Cycles EP)
Anna Kramer & The Lost Cause - All Those Pretty Things (The Rustic Contemporary Sounds of...)
Ghostfinger - Let It Ride Real (unreleased)
Mean Tambourines - That's What She Said (unreleased)
The Raconteurs - Attention (Consolers of the Lonely)
Glossary - Little Caney (The Better Angels of our Nature)
The Features - The Drawing Board (Some Kind of Salvation)
The Black Lips - Transcendental Light (Good Bad Not Evil)
Ricky Young - Fade To Gold (Learn to Steal)
Ricky Young - Acoustic Guitars (Learn to Steal
Ricky Young - Sing Me A Song (live on air)
Ricky Young - Suitcase Afternoon (live on air)
Red White Blue - Honest Mistake (Red White Blue)
Wax Fang - Cannibal Summer (La La Land)
Caitlin Rose - Shotgun Wedding (Dead Flowers)
Ricky Young - Poor You (Learn to Steal)
The Dexateens - Devoted to Lonesome (Red Dust Rising)
Moonlight Bride - Walls (unreleased)
Be Your Own Pet - The Kelly Affair (Get Awkward)
Giant Tiger - 1976 (MeWe)
Coral Castles - Ring Out Sing Out (the Corpse and the Cake)
Gringo Star - Not A Sound (Gringo Star)
The Glib - We Will Go the Distance (Why Not Just Love Me Dr. Hoopty)
Parachute Musical - Worry (Parachute Musical)
The Mattoid - Suicide (The Glory Holy)
The Selmanaires - Just to Get Yr Love (The Air Salesman)
Superdrag - Slow to Speak Slow to Anger (4 track demo) (unreleased)
The Features - Lions (Some Kind of Salvation)

New Ghetto Time - Same Ghetto Sound

Semesterly speaking, the summertime is upon us, my darlings. Awww Yeah! It's time for short shorts, trips to Orange Beach and Tims Ford, fishin' the Little Harpeth, back sweat, Sounds games at Greer Staduim, sun-tanned honeys, and bumpin' some early Beach Boys outta the truck. It's also time for a very slight move.

It seems the Ghetto's been moved up an hour earlier in your sunny day. You can now get hip with us each and every Thursday afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00 - Central Standard Time, of course -  at 91.1 on the FM dial or at Hey, guess this means I can now beat rush hour down 65 South!

To kick off this summer semester of hot and humid local jams, I'm stoked to welcome Mr. Ricky Young into the studio. Homeboy's got a brand new record coming out called Learn to Steal (quite the GhettoFabuous title, I must say... word.) and a big ole' party on Saturday at Exit-In to welcome its existence into this world. He'll bring his guitar to serenade us and his quick wit to woo us. Fathers, lock up your daughters... Or maybe your effeminate son (hey whatever, it's not my business). But definitely keep an eye on your little wifey. Ricky's appeal knows no age bounds. Indie Ghetto and its lawyers claim no responsibility for any resulting litigation.

Outside of kickin' it with Brother Young, I'll be keeping it high and tight with plenty of local and regional goodness to keep your afternoon bumpin' and/or grindin'. I'm feeling some Wax Fang, Mean Tambourines, Coral Castles, Caitlin Rose, Superdrag, Parachute Musical, AutoVaughn, Giant Tiger, Dexateens (Tuscaloosa represent!), Selmanaires, and a few unreleased gems from Silver Jews, Tommy & the Whale, The Features, and Ghostfinger.

But I'll need some requests to keep your ears abuzz for 120 minutes. Holler at yer boy: 615.421.7625 or 615.322.7625 or hammer out an email to And, no... I don't mind if you call in and request your own band. Just know that I can totally spot that kinda thing from miles away. Now I won't call you out on it,  'cause I'm cool like that. Lord knows I've been guilty of such things in the past. 

Tune in, my little nieces and nephews so we can get summer started a bit early!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Radio Show Playlist - 05.08.08

Big thanks to Darren and Ben from AutoVaughn for hangin' out. Those guys are pure gentlemen and funny as hell. The pleasure was all mine. Also, apologies to the black midget that hangs out on 12th Ave. - the one that was in Gummo - we meant no disrespect.

Stream via Real Audio

1. Wax Fang - World War II (pt. 2) (La La Land)
2. Silver Jews - Party Barge (Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea)
3. Autovaughn - The Cycles (The Cycles EP)
4. Autovaughn - Inertia (The Cycles EP)
5. Caitlin Rose - Gorilla Man (Dead Flowers EP)
6. The Features - The Temporary Blues (Some Kind of Salvation pre-release)
7. Ricky Young - Poor You (Learn to Steal)
8. Roman Candle - That's Why Modern Radio is A-okay with me (unreleased)
9. Autovaughn - Our Confidence (The Cycles) EP
10. Autovaughn - Dream a Little (The Cycles) EP

Friday, May 9, 2008

Superdrag Rough Mix

Wanna download a rough mix of one of those Superdrag tunes we're working on at Lake Fever? Not sure why, but Gibson's got it. Maybe they gave John a double-cutaway '59 Les Paul Jr. (Westerberg style, son!). Then again, I've been told that Gibson doesn't do endorsements anymore, so I doubt it.

Hey John, I'll give you the electric tampura if you let me post the 4-track demo of "Slow to Speak, Slow to Anger". That song totally rules.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Songs About Buildings and Food

In addition to keeping it real here in the Ghetto, did you know that I also contribute to Ulika Food Blog? Rob Marlow, the chief cook of competitive BBQ force Team Ulika, asked me contribute food-related jams on Thurdays. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Sometimes the music is food-relevant, other times it's not. This week it sorta is... I posted the new Weezer tune, "Pork & Beans". Dig in, y'all!

Radio is a sound salvation

The radio show is back today at 2pm. My guests will be the boys of
AutoVaughn. They've got their big CD release show tomorrow night at the Cannery so they'll be slumming it with yer boy down in the Ghetto for some shameless self-promotion. I think we might also play a little Jukebox Jury to keep things interesting.

Tune in at 91.1 or stream it online at

Friday, May 2, 2008

Whoops! (part II)

Dearest listeners,

As you well may know, sometimes ghetto life is tough. We all encounter some hurdles in our path as we ball and hustle our way outta the slums. More often than not, we can blame these things on The Man, as he's always trying to keep us down. But today, I cannot place blame anywhere else but on myself.

You see, I was planning to host a special Friday edition of Indie Ghetto this afternoon, but it seems that yer boy has lost the key to his hoo ride (not his keys mind you, but just the one). And without a a means of conveyance from the slums of Brentioch, there will unfortunately be no radio show today.

My sincerest apologies. I'll be in touch soon.


Thursday, May 1, 2008


Apologies if you tuned into the show today only to find there was no Indie Ghetto to get you through your Thursday afternoon. Seems there was a little confusion on our part and this week's show had been shanghai'd by Jews Wear Tights. Here's what I did manage to get on the air in the span of about 25 minutes:

1. The Features - Whatever Gets You By (Some Kind of Salvation - pre-release)
2. The Features - The Drawing Board (Some Kind of Salvation - pre-release)
3. Silver Jews - Aloysius, Bluegrass Drummer (Lookout Mountian, Lookout Sea)
4. Parachute Musical - Black Tie Affair (Parachute Musical EP)
5. Caitin Rose - Gorilla Man (Dead Flowers EP)
6. Cassino - Governor (Sounds of Salvation)
7. The Privates - One Piece (Barricades)

Not to worry though, dear readers, we'll be back tomorrow, Friday May 2, from 2-4 pm. Next week is anyone's guess, but we'll certainly keep you informed as to when.

Until tomorrow...

Play: Spot the Girls at the Earth Show

Have you ever seen the SNL TV Funhouse "Find The Black People at the Knicks Game"? Well it is kinda like that, but different. We are playing "Spot the Girls at the Earth Show". I found this picture from a recent show at Springwater (thanks Nashville Cream). Can you find the girls at the show?

Can't find them? Let me help you.

Have Mercy

Tonight's bill at Mercy Lounge seems like an exercise in contrast. You've got the fractured pop of The Privates & The Sleep Study juxtaposed with the Americana Soul of Cassino & Brian Ritchey. Ah whatever... it's gonna be good. See y'all there!

Tune in to today's radio show from 2-4pm for tunes from all these acts, along with all your favorite local and regional jams. Find us at 91.1 WRVU on the FM dial or at online. Oh and we love it when you call in with requests - 615.421.7625 or 615.322.7625

Until then, here's some music to tide you over.

"Haunted Device"
- The Sleep Study
"Surprise" - The Privates
"Governor" - Cassino