Saturday, October 4, 2008

This Wednesday: Jesco White at the Mother Church

jesco_white.jpg by angryjazz.
So it looks like the rumors are true...

Jesco White - the original Dancing Outlaw, the pride of Boone Co, WV, the last and best of the mountain dancers - will be performing Wednesday night at the Ryman, opening for The Black Keys.

Say whaaat!?

Now it's not worth my hard-earned money to drop $30 on another tired-ass guitar/drums whiteboy blues duo. But Jesco? In the flesh? Dancing, singing, and telling tall tales? Hell yes... worth every damn penny! What a shame it is then that I'm broke as hell and my direct deposit won't drop into my bank account until Midnight on Wednesday. Hmmm... maybe one of those fine, fine folks over at Nashville's Best Independent Record Store can hook a brother up? Or maybe someone at the Only Decent FM Station in Town has a couple guestlist spots for one of their favorie DJs? Pretty please?

Anyway, if you haven't actually seen the early 90's documentary Dancing Outlaw and have no idea why I'm so excited, I urge you to go do it now. It's easily one of the most hilarious, weird, and oddly touching 30 minutes ever captured on film (er... video tape, rather). Pretty sure I've seen it well over 100 times in the past 12 years and it never gets old. If you have seen it, you know what I'm talking about.

You can check it out YouTube style below. However, nothing beats watching it on a 3rd or 4th generation VHS tape. Enjoy!

Dancing Outlaw - Part 1

Dancing Outlaw - Part 2

Dancing Outlaw - Part 3

Dancing Outlaw - Part 4

Many thanks to Rob Marlow of the mighty Ulika for the heads up!


J Anne Photography said...

this was just..great. thanks for enlightening me-"and that's the truth."

Chris said...

Can't wait. And if Billy Bob Thornton doesn't play Jesco in the studio film about his life, then there is no justice in this world.