Friday, October 10, 2008

We Stole the Radio

What follows came in the form of a MySpace bulletin late last night from Jon Burr & Co:

Public Ears,

Prepare yourselves! We are a proud sort, so please tune in with your host, Lieutenant Dan, as he interviews our esteemed dandy man, Jon Burr.

Be the first to hear "Salvage Mission," our long-awaited single exclusively on Lightning 100 radio, tomorrow @ noon.

The coordinates: 100. 1 on your FM dial
The time: Lunch Hour, Noon- 3PM

Many thanks for your undying patronage!

-How I Became the Bomb

For those of you who simply just can't wait until Noon - or, like me, quit listening to Lightning 100 nine or ten years ago - be sure to tune into Indie Ghetto this morning as I'll be spinning Salvage Mission on the program. It shall drop at 10:00am sharp. Do it.

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